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Creating A Winning Research Paper On Death Penalty In The US

Are you interested in creating a research paper on the death penalty in the US, but have no idea how to approach the subject? Then read this article for some elementary tips that can be implemented right away. They are not a guarantee that you’ll get a top grade, but are great starting point if you’re a little stuck. With that thought in mind, here are some top tips to consider if you are interested in creating a winning research paper on the death penalty in the US:

Follow cases

To get a better understanding of the death penalty it makes sense to follow the different cases out there that have the guilty on death row. You can find out the details surrounding the case and the psychology behind the person who will be put in the electric chair.

You can even use one or more of the stories in your write up, as that will add context to your piece, and it will show that you have carried out good quality research. Just make sure that you are able to add the sources you used in the citation section.

Methods of death

You could write a project where you examine the different methods of execution regarding the death penalty. The chair might be the most common now, but in the history of the US there are many more that you can tackle. Comparing them and describing the advantages and disadvantages would be a great idea. Just ensure that you write up a balanced view of the different methods.

Example project titles

If you are stuck selecting a title then here are some ideas:

  • Should the death penalty be removed or is there a reason to have it?

  • What are the advantages of the death penalty?

  • What are the disadvantages of the death penalty?

  • Is the death penalty an inhumane way to go about things?

  • In what type of cases is the death penalty a great idea?

  • In what type of cases is the death penalty a bad idea?

  • Should the person on death row be granted any last wishes?

  • Name 3 historical death penalty cases in the US

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