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How To Create A Research Paper On The Hepatitis B Vaccine

Creating a research paper on the hepatitis B vaccine is much like writing any other research paper. Students have to select reliable sources, organize their ideas, come up with a strong thesis statement, and provide solid argumentation. One of the differences with medical and biological assignments is that the sources in them should be cited according to the American Medical Association style manual. However, make sure to check the requirements of your supervisor.

If you want to prepare a strong research paper on the hepatitis B vaccine, you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Decide what topic you will write about.
  2. The hepatitis B vaccine topic is too broad to start to work on the assignment, so you have to narrow it down by choosing a specific focus. For example, you can write about what vaccines are used in different countries, how effective they are, and why it is important to be vaccinated. After you narrow the topic down, visit your professor for a feedback.

  3. Consider what kind of a research paper you are going to create.
  4. You should consider two main types of papers. They are quantitative studies and synthesis papers. The former is based on an original research performed by a student. The latter is a review and analysis of the materials that have been already published. Your choice will affect the format of your work.

  5. Conduct your research.
  6. It is a good idea to interview experts in the field. You can visit a hospital and talk to the staff. Complete your study by reading appropriate literature and taking notes. Do not hesitate to use credible medical websites and electronic archives for reference. However, check their credibility first.

  7. Prepare an outline and write the first draft.
  8. It is advisable to organize your ideas and materials by writing an outline. Having a detailed outline will help you write your rough draft quickly. Keep the requirements of your supervisor in mind while you are writing. It is important to remember what the length of your paper should be, so do not add irrelevant information.

  9. Edit and proofread your work.
  10. You should never submit your first draft. Writing about diseases and vaccines requires usage of specific terms and concepts, so it is necessary to check whether you used them correctly. You should also check the spelling carefully. Compose your reference page and ensure that all the sources are cited in the text where needed.

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