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Where to Get a Good Research Paper Methods Section Example

The methods section of a research paper tells the reader what the experimenter did in order to obtain the results that they did. It can also be referred to as material and methods section. However, if it is your first time writing a research paper methods section, you likely do not know how the section should be organized or worded. The best thing to do is to look at good examples of what the methods section looks like for the kind of research paper that you are writing. Keep in mind that each example will be different even though the category of research is the same. Look through the examples and fine-tune your paper accordingly. So where can you find these examples that will help you compose a stellar methods section? Here are a few places.

  • Search Engines
  • Using Google or any other search engine to find examples of what you are looking for is a good place to start. It will help you to narrow your search further after you look through the results.

  • Library Database
  • Using a library database, whether from school or the public library is also a good place to start your search. You will be able to find books that aid in writing research papers. Again, this will allow you to narrow your search.

  • Ask Professor/Teacher
  • Usually, if we have questions, we are encouraged to ask our teachers for help. If you are unsure how to write the methods section, your teacher should be one of the first people you go to for help or your source to get that information.

  • Peer-reviewed Research Articles
  • These articles have been published either online or in scientific journals. You will be able to access these journals after doing your search with either the library database or search engines. When looking for these articles, be sure to use one that pertains to the kind of research paper that you are writing.

  • Scientific Journals
  • This one goes hand in hand with the one above. The journal will hold a collection of articles that will most likely have the methods section. You will be able to use those as examples of how to organize that section of your paper to suit your purposes. Again you can find these journals online or in your library.

      The list is a pretty good comprehensive list of where to find examples. But remember, the first place you should look to for good/excellent examples is your professor. If they don’t have the information readily available, they will direct you to a source that does.

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