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What Is The Main Difference Between A Research Paper And A Thesis?

Academic students are often required to complete academic papers such as a research paper and a thesis. These papers have different requirements even though some feel they are similar assignments. Each paper has its points that make it stand out, but it is important to understand each aspect in order to produce a paper that meets expectations. Since each type of academic paper requires a good amount of reading and writing, it helps to point out specific details to distinguish their differences.

What is a Research Paper?

This form of academic writing requires a lot of analyzing and reviewing of details. This will require using a wide variety of materials such as books, articles, and even interviews and quotes from people. This form of writing lets you show your perspective about a subject through unique form of evaluation. Some like to view a paper of this nature as an extended form of essay writing. You may mention what you know about the subject that is personal or related to personal experience. The paper will present insight from you and ideas and insight from others that support your ideas.

What is a Thesis?

This is a paper written on a solid idea, argument or working to make a case or prove a point. This may include several supporting points relating to the main idea or topic. This form of writing works to provide proof of something you believe. There are many attributes that make up a good paper, but it is such attributes that help a paper become a great piece of written work. A paper of this nature will have strong focus on the subject matter and gives readers information they need to know so they can also see how your insight makes a connection to the main idea. This paper is more than a summary of the subject and your conclusion is based on evidence collected.

Additional Things to Know

These two forms of academic writing are different for many reasons. One can point to an argument that people may or may not agree with. The other provides information without necessarily drawing a conclusion. Each paper is written in a different manner with a thesis less likely to mention content in first person. A paper of this nature will have strong feelings or attitude toward the subject that is the basis for an argument.

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