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Useful Advice On How To Quote Facts In A Research Paper

Students write academic assignments of different types in their career depending upon the instructions from their teachers. When you are in college or higher grades, you will be supposed to attempt research papers. These papers are different from other academic essays because they require thinking critically and following a proper format. You would have to adopt a proper methodology for collecting and analyzing the data so that you can organize the entire process. Formatting is necessary for the overall presentation of your papers as well as citing sources.

Citation of the sources you use in your paper is essential for a couple of reasons like:

  1. It helps to assert facts

  2. It adds an authority to your paper

  3. It helps you stay away from plagiarism

  4. It creates a proper presentation of your assignment

If you are to use quotation in your research paper, then you must give the credit to the original author or summarize it in your own words. Make sure that you never copy from others without giving them the actual credit. Here are some ways you can include a quote in your research paper

  1. Direct quotation

  2. Block quotation

  3. Summarize

Direct quote

When you include a direct quote in your paper, you must use a lead or a tag with it. It should be attached with your writing followed by words like argues, states, says, reports, claims, suggests etc. You will use these words to show that some other author says this quote and it is not your own. One thing to keep in mind is that you should cite the source by the last name of the author. Do not write the full name or any titles but simply include the last name of the author.

You should also keep in mind the use of brackets and ellipses if you are to alter or miss some part of the sentence for grammatical context

Block quote

This is similar to a direct quote but it is lengthier than a direct quote. Block quotes are four lines or longer so that you create a separate paragraph for them when citing them in your paper.

You do not use quotation marks to separate such quote from your paper rather you simply indent them in the next line to set off from the text. This is sufficient to show that this is not your original text


You can even summarize or paraphrase in your own words when adding someone’s ideas in your paper. But make sure you do not alter the meaning of their work.

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