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The Basics of Effective High School Research Paper Writing

As you go to higher grades in high school, you get more research paper writings. This paper is used for identifying and exploring technical, scientific and social issues. You may find the process a bit boring, but if you try to focus and organize well you will easily complete it. If you plan well and do the necessary preparation, everything will fall into place without any difficulties.

Pick a Topic you Like

If it is possible, choose something you find interesting. Your interest and passion in the subject will definitely reflect in the final paper. Plus, you won’t feel it as a big obligation and you will write the paper sooner.

Ask the Important Questions

The most important part of the projects is choosing the topic. That is, if you have the liberty to do so. Whatever the topic is, you must find out if there is enough material available on it and if it is unique and new. Consider what the other students have in mind. Don’t choose the same topic as someone else and try to keep it interesting. If you can’t figure out what to write about, then ask your teacher for an advice. You can even ask your co students. Maybe they will have a good idea that you will like.

Once you are done choosing the topic, it is time to do some research.

You can go through:

  • books

  • web pages

  • libraries

You can find 5 sources or more. Less than 5 sources won’t be sufficient for the paper. Also, look for empirical research articles. You can find them by looking up expert names and then going through their articles, researches and books. You can also check the local library or online journals.

Take Notes and Organize Them

You will avoid mix ups and disorganization if you take notes and organize them. You will have a clearer outline and the process will go quicker. Categorize the ideas and start writing. If necessary, you can make cards and lay them out and see how the final paper will look like. Use colors and highlighters, as well.

Also, don’t forget to write down the sources because you need to include them in the end of the paper. After you finish the first draft, reread it and take out any unnecessary information and reorganize the paragraphs if necessary.

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