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Top 20 Inspiring Research Paper Writing Ideas On Literature

If you are a student of literature then the most important thing in your curriculum is going to be the research paper. You will have to prepare a paper on a unique topic where you will have to discuss the various points and express your own views as well. You may choose to compare and contrast two main characters from one novel or two different authors and their works. You can also write about only one character from a specific play. Many students get overwhelmed choosing a topic and commit mistakes. Here are a few examples to help you decide.

List or research paper topics

  1. Comparison between two of the greatest tragic heroes created by Shakespeare, Macbeth and Hamlet.
  2. How GB Shaw’s literary masterpiece Pygmalion was actually inspired by the Greek Mythological character of the same name. What are the things Shaw changed compared to the original.
  3. How did the social and economic factors play a role in Charles Dickens’s writings?
  4. Detailed research on the writing style of John Smith one of the pioneer authors of America.
  5. What set the novels by Nathaniel Ward from the rest of the writers of his time?
  6. Highlight the role of women in the play Julius Caesar. Do you think Shakespeare made his female characters powerful yet helpless for some purpose? Which one do you think has a stronger character? Portia or Calpurnia?
  7. Analysis the role of nature in the play The Taming of the Shrew.
  8. How is the hope of old man kept alive in the Hemmingway book Old man and the Sea.
  9. What do the pigs represent in the story Animal Farm by George Orwell
  10. Compare the character of Mr. Darcy in pride and prejudice with that of Heathcliff from Wuthering heights.
  11. How does Raskolnikov find redemption in the novel Crime and Punishment?
  12. Discuss Mark Twain as one of the greatest writer of his time.
  13. Why is Holden Caulfield known as the cynical adolescent? Explain in reference to his debut novel The Catcher in the Rye.
  14. Analyze the tragic love story in Of Mice and Men.
  15. Discuss the life of Ebenezer Cooke in Barth’s greatest novel The Sot-Weed Factor.
  16. Deconstruct the character of David Copperfield in Dickens’s most popular novel.
  17. Under what social or economic condition The Great Gatsby was written.
  18. Analyze the character of Lolita Haze in the novel Lolita
  19. Discuss the book One Hundred Years of Solitude with reference to present times.
  20. How did Aldous Huxley create a perfect society in Brave New World?

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