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16 Good Research Paper Topics In Literature Of The 19th Century

19th century literature continues to be as enticing even today as it used to be back in those days. There are a few things that we will need to consider when talking about such literature and you will have to understand the very basics first. There are plenty of things that can be written upon and you will have to consider some of the most important aspects in the story before formulating your own topic.

While it is highly appreciable to come up with a personal customized topic for the paper, it is also a good thing to go through some of the best topics at first. Here are some good 19th century literature research paper ideas.

19th century research paper ideas

  1. Comment on the abjection of loss and love in Hardy’s poetry in 1912 and 1913

  2. Matthew Arnold and the visionary aspiration of recovering a buried life

  3. The Browning couple was the masters of poetry in communicative love. Comment

  4. The metaphysical tradition and the role of Lytton

  5. The religious doubt in George Eliot as seen in her novel Silas Marner

  6. The inspiration of Richard Jefferies: The role of the mystic and naturalistic

  7. The role of rustic pros of the 19th century that sought for a simpler life

  8. Provincial life study based on the writings of Austen and Tropple

  9. How would you rate the importance and relevance of costume in nearly every work of Charles Dickens?

  10. The relationship of power between the genteel class and writers and how it was reflected all through 19th century literate

  11. Sensation friction: the novel 19th century product that was mostly about violence and sex

  12. How the religious ambition and imagination of man changed in the 19th century and how with the literature record this transition?

  13. How and to what extent was the literature in the nineteenth century influenced by the politics of the world?

  14. What would you comment on the representation of gender in most of the Gothic novels?

  15. Comment on the overall essence of the Victorain novel

  16. Compare and contrast the work and styles of 19th century novelists Charles Dickens and George Eliot

There are several more similar topics that you may come up with whenever you feel like. Just make sure you are well in your comfort zone when looking for the scope of the work.

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