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List Of 10 Great Research Paper Topics On Environment

Well If you need to write a research paper, you will have some work to do. It won’t be such a hard job, it will be time consuming though because you have to research a lot before you actually start writing. Don’t worry though, you will be able to do it very fast If you are smart and you research from trusted sources that are rich in content.

  1. Global warming. What better topic to choose regarding the environment than global warming. It’s something that affects every single human being and it’s moving fast, in a few years it will be much more severe. It’s good to let people know about the dangers of this, so make sure that you research about what causes it and what are the effects on our planet. It’s not like we have a spare one to move on, so we might as well take care of this one.
  2. Radiation. Well the Fukushima nuclear reactor is still burning and it’s emitting radiation as we speak. Show the devastating effects it has on our planet.
  3. Plastic. A huge problem is people dumping waste in the planets oceans and it affects all aquatic life.
  4. Water. It’s something so ordinary people didn’t stop to think that it has some amazing properties. The way it changes it structural pattern according to what vibration is sent to it.
  5. Soul Pollution. Another great thing to write about, since it’s degrading everyday.
  6. Air Pollution. Same as above.
  7. Consumerism. It uses up all the planets resources. It should be stopped somehow since the planet can’t sustain us forever at this rate.
  8. Population Growth. It’s raising fast and it’s affecting the environment so fast that in the future we might not have enough space if some people are exterminated to live properly.
  9. Genetic Engineering. It’s very controversial and there is a lot of GMO ( genetic modified organisms ) added to our food that we are consuming everyday and although it’s helping the food grow and it protects it again exterior threats, it killing us the people who are eating it everyday.
  10. Deforestation. Something that is happening too much these days and it’s very alarming the way it affects all living things living in that environment. We should be planting trees to help our planet, not cut them to destroy it.

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