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Helpful Tips On How To Format The Thesis Statement Of An APA Style Research Paper

Creating and formatting the thesis statement of an APA style research paper is a task that most students find difficult to accomplish. The format of your thesis statement is what determines how purposeful and assertive your paper would look. This means that without a sound and well-presented thesis, the argument you are presenting would sound extremely weak. How then should you format the thesis to make your argument strong? Listed below are some helpful tips. They are as follows:

    Take A Solid Position: When writing the thesis of your academic paper, you should endeavour to take a solid position. You should write in clear and easily understandable terms what your viewpoint is about the topic, issue, or person you are writing about.
  • Justify Your Thesis Statement: The fact that you are taking a stand on a particular situation does not end it all. It is important you justify that stand or position you have chosen to take. What are the credible reasons why you have decided on that particular viewpoint? You need to convince your target readers on the justification of your position.

  • Maintain One Main Idea: One of the reasons why you should edit the thesis statement of an APA style research paper to have just one idea is so that you don’t confuse your target audience. In a situation where you wish to express two ideas without confusing your readers, then you can interconnect the two ideas with terms like however, although, since, unless etc.

  • Be Specific: If you have ever read an academic paper that left you lost in the middle of nowhere, you will then understand why it is necessary that you are specific when you are writing and formatting your academic paper’s thesis. To a large extent, it helps to keep your research paper to a manageable limit. Therefore, always be specific.

  • Conclude Convincingly: Merely stating your viewpoint will not cut it but concluding your viewpoint convincingly will have a lot of impact on the attention of your readers. You can look for great samples of papers written by other students and take a good look at how their thesis statements were crafted. With this, you will be able to understand the right words, phrases and tone to use in order to convince your readers on your viewpoint or idea.

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