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5 Secrets For Creating An Outstanding MLA Research Paper

Research papers are usually written in MLA style as they are well accepted by maximum Universities of US.

Following are the 5 secrets for creating an outstanding MLA research paper

  1. General Settings or formatting: MLA research paper documents should leave 1 inch margin with double space and write in Times New Roman style in 12 points. The page number should be mentioned at the upper right hand side of every page. These papers should have an informative title along with proper assignment information. While stating the citations, no comma should be placed between the author and the page number. The work cited list should be arranged alphabetically in terms of author’s name.

  2. The titles page: Titles should be written in Italics. The title page should be made separate only when your professor has asked you for the same. If any part of your study work’s title was conducted for a longer time and played a vital role in the research, it should be written in Italics too. The titles should be placed in the centers just below the date. Insert page number on the upper right hand side of the corners with last name on the left hand side of the page numbers. The first page of your essay should have your name on the upper left corner. Just below your personal name, type your professor’s name and then the name of the course and the date of material is typed.

  3. Works Cited: The works cited page has a list of bibliography in MLA style. Keep a few things in your mind while citing up this page. This column is written in a unique fashion based on the number of books, articles, internet based sources. You need to pay special attention on the author’s name, the title of the book, the date of publication and the place of the publication. Arrange them in alphabetical order while citing the sources and enlisting the author’s name.

  4. Revise your checklist: Follow all these logical steps and achieve excellence by revising your research paper in terms of topic, information gathered, stating your thesis, organization and checking your first and second draft via checklist questions.

  5. Avoid plagiarism at all cost: Since you are going to write a research paper, it should be unique and innovatively written by the author. Even if you need to quote some author’s work, write them in quotient marks to stay away from the blame of duplicating the contents. Make sure that you mention the author’s name in the same way as stated in the bibliographic reference list.

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