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10 Outstanding Zoology Topics for a Research Paper: Choose the Best One

A research paper is a complicated project that requires a lot of work and dedication. Depending on the topic of the paper, you may have problems searching for the necessary reference information. Everything depends on how well a certain topic has already been studied by other researchers. So the matter of choosing a topic is very important if you want to compose a truly winning paper.

There are certain points you should keep in mind while choosing a good topic for a zoology project.

  • The topic should not leave you cold.
  • Being uninterested in the subject of your project is the worst mistake you can make. When choosing a zoology topic from the ones offered by your teacher, or those you found on the Internet, pay attention to the emotions that they arouse in your soul. It’s not necessary to be excited about the topic in a positive sense. It’s enough to want to explore the topic, speak your mind, and prove that your point of view is correct.

  • The topic should have enough respectable reference sources.
  • You cannot complete a project like this in case you have not enough material about previous achievements in studying this subject. That’s why, if you have time to choose a topic for your zoology paper, try to find out at least roughly how much reference literature is available on each of the topics you would like to explore.

  • The topic should be novel.
  • There are a lot of similar projects out there that seem to be copied from the same sample, and they are absolutely not interesting to readers. If you want to gain more points with your audience, choose a topic that covers a new point of view.

Below are 10 interesting zoology topics that you can use for your own project.

  1. Chitin as the main component of the exoskeleton of invertebrates.
  2. Importance of paleozoology for the entire development of zoology.
  3. Meaning of comparative psychology in the understanding of animal behavior.
  4. Importance of zoological societies for the development of the subject.
  5. Minor areas of zoology that few people know: melittology, myrmecology, etc.
  6. The history of the development of zoology.
  7. How zoology is connected to other sciences.
  8. Protozoa that are studied in both zoology and botany.
  9. Major and minor areas of zoology and the subjects they study.
  10. Reasons why zoology is a separate science.

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