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What Is The Best Way To Start A Research Paper On Natural Disasters?

An introduction is quite a tricky part of a research paper and your decision to write it the last is fully justified. You shouldn’t miss any important points in your introductory paragraph and you should present information in as clear and concise way as possible. Consider the following tips to start your paper on natural disasters properly.

Helpful Ideas on How to Start Your Research Paper

  • Provide some facts from the very start.
  • One of the best ways to start your work is to impress your reader with a striking fact on the topic. For example, provide some mortifying numbers about the negative impact of earthquakes and floods on the economic growth of a particular country in the very first sentence, and your reader will definitely be hooked. This strategy will also save you from using hackneyed and overused phrases in the opening sentence. However, make sure that the fact you use is related to the thesis statement.

  • Review previous work in the field.
  • Start your paper with what others tell about natural disasters. When using a direct quotation, remember to document the source properly. This method will help you give some context. Moreover, it’ll prove that you explored your specific topic deeply and are ready to shed new light on any aspect of it.

  • Start with a true story.
  • A story about a particular company that went bankrupt as a result of a natural disaster can serve as a strong introductory option for your research paper. The story should be relevant to your thesis statement. With this strategy, you’ll be able to return to the story details throughout your paper as often as necessary.

Formulating Your Thesis Statement

The aforementioned ideas will help you effectively introduce your topic and naturally lead to your thesis statement, which is the major part of the introductory paragraph. Your thesis should explicitly answer one or several of your hypotheses. Check if it is informative enough as well. For example, if you state that “The short and long run impacts of natural disasters on the economic growth of a country are strikingly different”, don’t forget to explain what the difference is. This explanation will serve as a logical continuation of your thesis statement.

If you aren’t sure about how to formulate your thesis statement, look through several research papers in your field. Namely, you can check this company to get access to proper samples in the necessary subject. Even if available works aren’t devoted to natural disasters in particular, you’ll understand the requirements.

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