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5 Basic Elements Of A Perfect Research Paper Title Page

There are 5 basic elements of a perfect research paper title page. They are listed below:

  • Title
  • Name of the Author
  • School Affiliation
  • Running Head
  • Page Number

Your title should be as specific as possible. You want your heading to set the stage for the paper. Your heading should make the reader want to turn that first page of your article. The best way to get ideas about what you want your heading could be is to look at your hypothesis. Once you have decided on your heading, then it’s time to continue on with your page.

The next item you want to work on is the Running Head. This is actually the tiniest part of your essay. It is actually a shortened form of the title. It is there to keep your paper intact because you may not want your name on the article. The APA Publication Manual recommends putting the running head in upper case letters and it must go in the top left of every page. On the heading page, the label “Running head:” goes before the running head itself. This item should be a brief version of the label and no more than 50 characters. The running head has to make sense and also give an idea of what the thesis is about. The Head might look like this: “Running Head: Feature or Bug?”

The rest of the elements include your name, your school’s name and the page number. You have the luxury of putting them anywhere on the thesis you feel makes the heading page look nice. You may have been given specific instructions as to how to lay out your title page. If you didn’t, you can be creative and practice to see what you think may look best.

The Title Page seems like a useless addition to your paper. If you think about it, the heading page is the first thing your reader sees about your document. We all know what first impressions are and how important they are. Be proud of your heading page. You have to realize that we live in a very competitive world. You are fighting to have as many set of eyes as possible read your manuscript. As minute as it may seem, the heading page may make the difference between someone picking up your paper and reading it or leaving it on the table or night stand.

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