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Selecting A Research Paper Topic On Divorce

The hardest thing about creating a research paper is selecting a topic. Many times your professor will give you a very broad subject and it is your responsibility to narrow it down to a theme you can effectively examine and write thoroughly. In this case you need to narrow down the topic of divorce.


I would begin to choose a topic by brainstorming. Reach for a pen and set the timer for 5 minutes. Now just write down as many things as you can think of on the issue. Try to get at least 10 on the piece of paper. Don’t think too hard. Write down the first things that come to your head. For instance:

  • How does divorce affect children?

  • How much does it cost?

  • Should the children live with the mother or the father?

  • Should the children live with each parent equally?

  • Should parents not get a divorce for the sake of the children?

  • Should a married couple get a divorce if one is caught cheating?

  • Should children have any say in which parent they live with after?

  • Should children be split up and live with separate parents?

  • How do the assets get split in a divorce?

  • Should counseling be mandatory before a divorce is granted?

Is there enough data available to effectively investigate?

Now that you have 10 themes, you need to look them over and see which ones may be the easiest to investigate. The most frustrating thing when writing a research paper is not finding enough data to support your thesis. As you begin to do examine the data, your thesis may come to mind so be aware of that when you are selecting a theme. Narrow your list down to 5 choices.

Which ones interest you the most?

Great, now we have 5 choices left. The next thing you should do to select a theme for your research paper is to decide which ones are of greatest interest to you. You should always pick a topic you are interested in because you will focus much better and usually create a much better research paper if you really like want to learn more about the subject. Try and narrow it down to 2 or 3 choices.

Which interests your audience the most?

Okay, now you are almost there! From the short list you have, figure out which one will interest your reader the most. Which one will bring out the most emotion in your audience? Which one will leave your audience with something to think about? Choose one of the above and that will be your topic.

The process really doesn’t take that long. Brainstorm, check for research available, what ones interest you the most, and then what you think will interest your audience the most. Follow these four steps and you should have no problem selecting a research paper topic.

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