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10 Outstanding Economics Term Paper Topics On Gambling

Most college students understand the importance of their economics term paper to their grade. To achieve an excellent grade, however, you need an excellent topic to write on. One popular choice among economic students is gambling. While gambling is a great place to start, it is not narrowed down enough to focus your thesis on. Here are 25 different economic term paper ideas on gambling.

  • Effects of Gambling on the Economy - Compare and contrast the economies of countries allowing gambling vs countries that prohibit gambling.

  • How Does Gambling Effect Cash Flow in the Country? - Find statistics on how gambling affects the economy. To make this economic term paper idea even better, consider how much money is brought in and how it is put to use.

  • State Lotteries - Even state lotteries are considered to be gambling. Consider how much revenue is brought in and how it is used.

  • Stereotypes Surround Online Gambling - Consider why online gambling is considered wrong, while physical casinos continue to grow in size.

  • How the US Government is Trying to Shut Down Online Gambling - For this excellent economy term paper topic, consider the government’s motives for stopping online gambling and why they would do that.

  • How Gambling Affects Society - For this topic, consider the psychological effects that gambling has had on some individuals, as well as how gambling has affected the economy as a whole.

  • What Would the Economy Look Like without Gambling? - This is a very interesting topic. Conduct a hypothetical study on what the US economy would look like without gambling and report your findings.

  • The Criminalization of Online Gambling - How online gambling differs from gambling done in casinos, and what would happen if it were shut down altogether.

  • Gambling through the Years - How has gambling progressed over time. How is it viewed now and how was it viewed when it first came into existence. Has it effected the economy any differently?

  • Gambling vs. Crime - How gambling has effect crime rates, particularly among gambling addicts who just can’t seem to win big.
  • Choosing one of these excellent gambling topics for your economics term paper will be sure to impress your professor. Just be sure that you do all of your research, back information up with facts, and present your idea in a way that shows you truly understand what you are talking about.

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