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Basic Rules Of Writing A Research Paper Proposal In The APA Format

The American Psychological Association has created a formatting style for research papers. The main reason why you would want to have a uniform format for your paper and that would be mostly because you will be graded on the content instead of on your formatting choices. It is also designed to make it easy to read which is helpful because your teacher has to read through twenty or so papers depending on your class size.

A research paper is one of the most popular types of papers that you will be asked to write. It is designed to have a student get a closer look on the main ideas of a topic in their field of study. You have to create a research question, conduct the research, and then write a paper to present your findings. There are some basic rules that you need to follow when writing a paper in this format. Here are some of the key things to remember.

  1. Times New Roman, 12 point font.
  2. Header including the title and page number flush right
  3. Running head on the first page along with the title, your name, and your school. Running head flush left on the first line. Title, name, and school centered in the middle of the paper double spaced.
  4. Title of the paper centered in bold on the next full sheet. Title page separate from text.
  5. One inch margins on all sides of an eight by eleven and a half paper.

One of the most important parts of writing a research paper includes adding some information to prove your claims. You will add direct quotes and paraphrase information to help prove the points that you make about various topics and points. You will have to make sure that you give the author proper credit for their information. This is extremely important. There are very specific ways to present this information in this formatting style. You should refer to a formatting guide to get information on how to do this because there are so many different sources to discuss. Also, many resource libraries will give you the correct citation information for the reference page. Therefore, you may only have to worry about the in-text citations which include the last name of the author or authors and the date of publication separated by a comma and surrounded by parentheses.

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