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Writing A Strong Thesis Statement For A Research Paper In Geometry

College and graduate school research paper assignments in geometry often take on a form of persuasive writing. They are about convincing your reader that you have a logical point of view or argument towards something interesting within the field of geometry. As part of any assignment your research paper must have a strong thesis statement that lets the reader know, precisely and concisely, what it is you will be discussing. There are several different techniques for crafting a great thesis statement, but if you follow this method you should be able to write a great one:

Developing your argument

The first step in writing a great thesis statement is to develop your argument. Whether you have done some preliminary research or not you should brainstorm a few ideas that are of interest to you. You’ll probably have to have your topic approved by your instructor before you start the writing process, but this exercise should allow you to come up with a handful of ides for consideration.

Deciding when argument is strong

Another key in crafting a strong thesis statement is deciding whether or not your argument is a good one. On top of being original and interesting – you will be spending several weeks working on the project – you want your topic and argument to be something that you can defend with ample academic evidence through data and examples. You might decide to get some outside help when deciding this part, since you may require a fresh set of eyes to give you an unbiased opinion.

Consider simplification

You aren’t likely to get a high grade on your geometry project if your argument is too complicated to understand. Complex thesis statements cause your readers to reread the sentence and making it less enjoyable to follow along. Try restating your argument as simply as possible, avoiding complex or compound sentences if at all possible. A great test for this is to ask someone outside of the discipline to see if he or she can understand your point of view and what it is you are trying to accomplish.

Be clear and direct

Lastly, reword your argument so that your word choices are clear and direct. As a geometry research paper could be an extremely complicated subject, you want to be sure that you use plain and simple English to get your point across. You will have to this throughout your paper, but it should all start with your thesis statement.

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