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Selecting Interesting Research Paper Topics About 1950s

If you have been asked to study aspects of the 1950s, then there are a number of rather interesting research paper topics that you may wish to take into consideration. Thankfully, the actual subject matter is so wide and varied that the difficulty actually comes in trying to narrow down your options rather than the opposite. However, it can still be useful to seek out some help to get started and the following information may be quite useful.

When selecting research paper topics, it is important that you look at what was happening in the world and society during that time. What were the major changes in how we were living? How is it different to the way we live today?

You have to remember that the 1950s was a decade of huge change as the world continued to come out of World War 2. However, you also need to remember that there was still the Korean War and there was the development in tension between the Soviet Union and the US leading to the Cold War and a brand new arms race.

There was also the development of the Civil Rights movement and in society people were moving more towards suburbia rather than living in cities due to the post war baby boom. Teenagers were developing their own identity and even music was changing with the emergence of artists such as Chuck Berry and Elvis. Girls also wanted to be like Marilyn Monroe who was starting to come out and there was the beginning of people having more of a sense of their own sexuality.

Technology was also developing with households starting to get televisions and also automobiles were becoming more affordable for more people. The world as a whole was changing and was doing so at a rapid pace and this gives you a lot of scope when it comes to research paper topics about the 1950s.

In other words, what we are saying is that selecting a research topic about the 1950s involves looking at what was going on in the world at that time. Look at changes in culture, education, technology, and politics and try to avoid choosing something obvious. For example, if you are considering a research paper on the Cold War, then instead of studying the US government and Soviet Union government, how about looking at the impact it had on everyday life?

If you are looking at technology, then instead of just talking about the technological advances perhaps consider looking at how affordable it was or how it changed lives. By tackling issues from a different perspective it opens up new possibilities on advancing our understanding of life during that decade and what a decade it was.

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