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How To Make A Good Introduction For A Research Paper

The first goal that you should pursue when writing your research paper is to attract the attention of the readers to your topic. The section that should accomplish this goal is an introduction. It’s not easy to write good introductory paragraphs if you don’t know some basic rules. Below, you may look at the tips that will help you compose a strong opening for your paper.

  1. Don’t start writing your paper with an introduction.
  2. Many students think that they should write their papers strictly according to a table of contents. However, for your introductory section to fully resemble the contents of your work, it’s advisable to compose it after the body and conclusion. This way, you won’t need to make any amendments in the introduction during the writing process.

  3. Begin with a hook.
  4. The first sentence of your paper should be interesting and attention grabbing. Depending on the topic of your research paper, you may start your introduction with some provocative question, famous quote, interesting statistics, or fact. Choose a hook wisely in order to connect it to your topic successfully.

  5. Give background information.
  6. You’re writing your paper not only for your teacher but for other readers too. For this reason, you should briefly describe your topic in the introduction to give an ordinary reader the idea about the contents of your study. Otherwise, some of your readers won’t understand clearly what your paper is about.

  7. Indicate the importance of your topic.
  8. The next step is to persuade your readers that you’ve chosen this topic not just because it’s interesting to you. State why this subject is important to investigate and why more people should know about the development of this field.

  9. Set the limitations.
  10. Sometimes, it’s not possible to conduct perfect research on some topics. The reasons for this can be different, like the lack of resources for particular experiments, for example. However, if you indicate these limitations at the beginning of your paper, readers won’t be disappointed not to get answers on some of their questions at the end.

  11. State your thesis.
  12. Your introduction paragraph should end with a strong thesis statement. This is a sentence that raises your main research question and indicates the way how you’ll try to answer it in your work. It’s advisable to make your thesis short and clear, but rather descriptive at the same time. All your arguments that will be presented in your paper should directly relate to your thesis, so consult your teacher when composing it.

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