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How To Write A University Research Paper: A Helpful Checklist

When you get to university one of the first things you notice is how much more difficult your writing assignments are. This should be entirely expected, but many students are still taken aback even a little bit. One particularly tough assignment is the research paper. It will usually take you a few weeks to complete and will require you to do much more than a little light reading in order to find the content you need to support your claims. Here’s a helpful checklist to keep in hand when working on this university project:

Choose a manageable topic

The first step in writing a great research paper is choosing a manageable topic you find interesting and is original. Choose something you already know something about so that you don’t overwhelm yourself with too much work. It may help do some background information searches to ensure content will be available.

Develop a project plan

Next, you should develop a detailed project plan incorporating all of your assignments and a clear schedule for getting each of the several stages of composing your work completed on time. Start with your deadline and work backwards. Don’t forget to account for other responsibilities.

Start your library search

Now it’s time to get to the nitty-gritty. Visit your university library and speak with a reference librarian. He or she should help you get started with a basic search list and direct you to the appropriate sections where you should be able to find relevant content.

Create a project outline

Don’t start your work without first creating a detailed project outline to guide your discussion. Include a topic statement as well as a phrase pointing to the key pieces of evidence or examples you will use in support of your central argument. You can always re-organize your content, so be sure you take the most logical approach when presenting your case.

Write the first rough draft

Start writing your first rough draft as quickly and as efficiently as possible. This method is favored by many professional writers because it lets you get all of your ideas down in one place. You can always come back to make corrections later, so don’t break your momentum.

Revise, proofread and edit

Lastly, be sure you spend ample time revising, proofreading, and editing your work. Even the smallest mistake can cost you a letter grade, so be diligent with each of these exercises. With enough time and commitment you should easily end up with an excellent document worthy of any college course.

You may want to consider hiring a professional writing company to help you along with this or any other kind of assignment, especially when you’re just starting out and trying to learn the fundamentals. A great resource is this company which provides a wide variety of services suited to your specific needs.

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