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A List Of The Most Interesting Topics To Write About In A Research Paper

Writing research papers is a fundamental process for acquiring effective technical writing skills. These papers are written to establish and portray the findings of scientific explorations and studies. Exaggeration and false interpretation of data and content should be highly avoided. You need to be truthful, concise, logical and knowledgeable in order to come up with a good paper.

Studying in a college demands the submission of a lot of these kind of papers. The most important aspect of writing such papers is choosing the right topic. A topic that you find interesting will be a lot easier to write upon. You have to be careful that the topic that you choose to write upon is supported by a lot of information. These informative materials can be very easily searched upon on the internet as well as in the books in the library.

Here is a list of the most interesting topics to write about in a research paper:

  • Environment

    • Is the subject of global warming still not taken seriously?

    • Is the use of chemical insecticides and pesticides harming us?

    • The effects of global warming on the animal kingdom of our planet.

    • Is the use of solar energy the answer to our energy problems?

    • Do we need stricter laws to conserve the environment?

  • Religion

    • Do terrorists have a religion?

    • The place of women in religions around the world.

    • Can the evils of our society be traced back to religion?

    • Has religion lost its importance in the 21st century?

    • Has religion helped our civilisation from falling apart?

  • Politics

    • Are we responsible for corrupt politicians?

    • Should gay marriages be legalised all over the world?

    • Should special investigations be made on the assets of politicians?

    • The use of religion in politics.

    • Is democracy truly better than autocracy?

  • Women-centred crimes

    • Psychological effects of being raped.

    • Prevalence of women trafficking in the Middle-East.

    • What is the relation between the status of women in the society and women-centred

    • crimes?

    • What is the psychology behind rape?

    • The plight of forced sex workers in Asia.

  • The internet

    • The use of the internet in terrorism.

    • Is the internet being used as a political tool?

    • The increase in the rate of online crimes.

    • Will stricter rules and regulations combat piracy over the internet?

    • Is there somebody watching over us every time we go online?

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