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A List Of Creative Ideas To Choose From When You Need A Research Paper Topic

If you are searching for a good research paper topic, one thing that will be useful to you is to consider several interesting subjects. Ensure that you have written the different thesis on a piece of paper. Choose a paper that interests you and ensure that you have broken it down into a general subject that contain small chunks of the topic.

Be sure to narrow your topic to an interesting one. In case you have chosen a controversial topic, ensure that you have chosen a subject which you should then develop into a research paper. Ensure that you have read different viewpoints that are related to the topic as this will help to not only expand your knowledge but also to ensure that it become easier to write the paper. If you are finding it difficult to choose a topic, here are some creative ideas that you can use for your research paper.

  • Why we do sleep

  • How the GPS system operates?

  • Was there anybody who escaped the Alcatraz?

  • How prolonged use of steroid affects the human body

  • What effective methods can be used to repel insects?

  • How railroads and trains changed the life of people in America

  • How bulletproof clothing is made

  • What Olympic events did the people in Ancient Greek practice?

  • What was the cause of the crash of the stock market in 2008?

  • How the long bow contributed to the dominance by the English military

  • How security in airports has intensified after the September 11th 2001 attack

  • How Cleopatra got to power in Egypt and how was her reign?

  • The invention of the skateboard and how it has changed over several years

  • The origin of hip hop music and who founded it

  • Why platypus is an interesting and unique mammal

  • The effect of tobacco on the body of a human

  • The spread of computer virus and their effects of computers

  • The origin of the Darfur conflict

  • How gunpowder led to a change in warfare

  • How Wal-Mart stores have changed the local economy

  • The domestication of dogs and cats and why it was necessary

  • How the internet and downloading of music has affected music

  • Steps that are being taken to protect the endangered wildlife

  • The cost of war on drugs on the American Economy every year.

  • How text messaging continue to affect literacy of teens

  • The effects of oil spills on the plane and the steps that are being taken to avoid them.

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