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24 Very Good Research Paper Topics You Should Investigate

Writing a paper seems so tough when you don’t have a good enough topic to start with, doesn’t it? In fact, having a less than acceptable topic is what makes students fear most of their school assignments, as they are left wondering what the consequences of a sub-standard topic will be. Well, worry not. Here is a list of timeless topics that you can explore to your heart’s content.

In media and communications:

  • Theories of Mass Communication – then and now

  • Are we going back to the era of the Bullet theory?

  • The process of communication – a case study to test its effectiveness

  • The emergence of small media houses – a comparison with the big wigs

In politics:

  • Richard Nixon and his Presidency – remembered for all the wrong things

  • Obama at a glance – how successful has he been?

  • Major scandals in the United States

  • The two party system vs. the multi-party system – governance and its variants

In crime:

  • The Three Strikes Law

  • Exploring the Defendant’s rights

  • The pros and cons of electing judges through constituencies

  • The pros and cons of appointing judges through executive officials

In Culture:

  • Immigration and its consequences – what problems do foreign communities face in a strange land?

  • Art reflects the times it is from – how true is the statement?

  • The evolution of Rock music over the years

  • America and Literature – exploring the literary gems of the country

In World Affairs:

  • The immigrant crisis in Europe – how long can countries bear before they close doors permanently?

  • Obama and the inflation – a look

  • The Modi Wave across the world – what makes the latest Indian Prime Minister so influential?

  • An old woman, or a symbol of perseverance – Queen Elizabeth’s reign in a look

In Business:

  • First come, first served: why the second place start-ups fail

  • Web sites and revenue: earning from social media

  • Are small businesses the new face of business over the world?

  • Digital India – what will be consequences for the world?

Of course, you should not limit yourself to only these twenty-four topics for your paper. Go out, and talk to people. Read. Write. Know the world around you, and eventually you will find yourself moving past the crossroads of indecision and towards an informed, educated, intellectual topic. If you need any extra help, visit this website for references and ideas. Remember, a little knowledge goes a long way, be it in academic or daily affairs.

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