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24 Excellent Ideas For Writing A Math Research Paper

Whilst many mathematicians will be used to working out equations and other mathematical problems, there will occasionally be the need to write a research paper about the subject. If this is the case, then there are many different approaches that you may wish to take. For example, you may wish to examine a particular mathematical theory, you may wish to write about a particular mathematician from history, you may wish to examine how math can be used in conjunction with a particular activity, or you can discuss the subject in many other ways. In fact to give you some ideas of what you can write about, the following outlines 24 excellent ideas.

  • Discuss how many different ways that are to solve a Rubik’s cube, and how math can be used to identify the quickest and easiest way to solve any given approach.

  • Discuss the use of numbers in the ancient world

  • What is the importance of number patterns in relation to technological devices?

  • Outline and discuss the various number systems that he used throughout the world

  • What can we learn about math from nature?

  • What is pure mathematics?

  • Are numbers a man-made construct?

  • Discuss Mobius loops and knots, and the mathematical principles that they might have

  • How can math be used to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of sports stars?

  • What is the relevance of math in the natural world?

  • What role do prime numbers have in mathematical theories?

  • Discuss pi and how our knowledge of the various digits in the number have evolved throughout time

  • Should tau be used instead of pi?

  • What role does math play when it comes to developing fixed you lists but major sports leagues?

  • Discuss the Fibonacci’s numbers and other related number patterns, and discuss what relevance they have in modern day life

  • Discuss the use of math in music

  • Is it possible for a mathematician to use his or her understanding of numbers in order to become an accomplished musician?

  • What are Boolean numbers and how have they impacted upon 21st century life?

  • What would life be like without math?

  • Discuss the use of math in the casino industry, and how gamblers can use math to help increase the chances of success

  • How might math have been used to build Stonehenge?

  • What is Skolem’s paradox?

  • What role do mathematicians play when it comes to developing bus timetables?

  • Who has been the most important mathematician of the past century?

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