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List Of Good Term Paper Topics: 22 Unique Ideas To Choose From

One of the most important steps of writing a term paper is selecting your topic. If you don’t pick a topic that is interesting for you, your research won’t be very deep and you’ll write your paper without enthusiasm. If you have problems with generating ideas for your papers, you may gain inspiration by looking at sample topics.

Interesting Topics for Your Paper

  1. The development of E-business in the modern world.

  2. The ways to deal with the violation of animal rights.

  3. The dangers and consequences of drunk driving.

  4. The advantages and disadvantages of homeschooling.

  5. The ways to stop deforestation around the world.

  6. The measures of preventing domestic abuse from happening.

  7. The ways for people with autism to find good jobs.

  8. The consequences of watching too many reality shows.

  9. The problems with immigration in the United States.

  10. The effectiveness and accuracy of intelligence tests.

  11. The dangers of religious cults to the society.

  12. The problems of interracial relations and reverse discrimination.

  13. The characteristics of bioterrorism and the consequences of bioterrorist attacks.

  14. The effects of multiple divorces on a woman.

  15. The measures to maintain cyber security.

  16. The ways to reduce the number of sex crimes.

  17. The punishment of athletes who use doping to improve their performance.

  18. The difficulties faced by students with attention deficit disorder.

  19. The alternative sources of energy and how to use them.

  20. The significance of family values.

  21. The ways to reduce the number of people with obesity in the U.S.

  22. The development of a woman’s image in the mass media over the years.

How to Compose a Good Paper

The key element of an excellent term paper is thorough research. You should base your statements and arguments on factual evidence. Often, you’ll be able to find the needed evidence in sources written by other authors, but sometimes you’ll need to conduct your own experiments and tests to prove your words.

Always outline your paper before you start writing. You may show your outline to your instructor to make sure that you’ve done everything right. You shouldn’t always strictly follow your initial outline, though. In the writing process, you may understand that if you make some changes, the structure of your paper will be better.

Make sure to format your term paper according to the requirements indicated in your assignment guidelines. Mistakes in the formatting will lead to a lower score even if contents are great.

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