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Psychology Term Paper Topics: 20 Questions Worth Discussing

Psychology has a variety of topics worth discussing in a term paper. Many students can come up with a list on questions based on their interests. The questions not only raise concerns but they can provide tips and ideas on what to research and write about. Developing questions can give another perspective for potential term paper topics. Eventually, you may find a question you will center your research on.

Reviewing What You Know to Help You Write a Term Paper

Your term paper topic will be something of interest, but in this case you may be working to answer a question. As you review what you have learned so far consider areas in your studies you are curious about. Take notes on what you want to explore in further detail and turn these thoughts into questions. For a term paper assignment you can choose an area you have learned about and get question ideas based on related areas your coursework didn’t detail.

Choosing Term Paper Questions and Examples to Review

When you have made a list of term paper questions go back over and review your results. You can brainstorm from a general topic and break it down into questions. Eliminate those will limited interests and go back over your findings again. Here is a list of basic questions to help you develop your own.

  1. Do race relations have an effect on psychological elements?
  2. Why do people experience eating disorders?
  3. Why does medication help people with depression?
  4. What happens when certain therapy options stop working?
  5. Why is schizophrenia so difficult to understand?
  6. What does cyberbullying do to the mind?
  7. How does social media addition develop?
  8. How do sexual addictions affect a person’s mind?
  9. Why do people stay in bad relationships?
  10. Should reverse psychology have limitations.
  11. Is it true children tend to be diagnosed with ADHD too soon or too late?
  12. Why are some people more competitive than others?
  13. What causes a person to take their own life?
  14. Can medication really help a person think better?
  15. What are most detrimental psychological effects on children?
  16. Who gets more emotional: men or women?
  17. How does having a pet affect human psych?
  18. What causes a person to develop an addition?
  19. What are psychological effects of hoarding?
  20. How does negative news in the media mentally affect children and adults?

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